These slides have been used in presentations to several groups. The chairs are available to speak with your group during the runup to the February 9 kick-off meeting. Please use the contact form to request a presentation.

Frequently asked questions

How can I stay informed?

After the registration deadline (February 2, 2022) further announcements about the workshop will only be sent to registered participants.

What if I can’t attend the kickoff meeting?

With the permission of the speakers, we plan to make recordings of most presentations and slides available for review. The kickoff meeting is just meant to get your thoughts flowing - the critical part of this workshop will be your active participation in the small breakout discussions and via submission of white papers.

What should I be doing now?

Read, or write, white papers! White papers are due Feb. 11th for "Research” topics, and March 18th for “Organizational” topics.

The primary mechanism for community input will be through breakout discussions and white papers. To help prepare for excellent topical group breakout discussions and ensure the most important points are emphasized in the final report, we encourage you to begin working with colleagues NOW to consider (and read/write brief, high level white paper(s) on) the first two Discussion Group Questions.

The remaining questions (3-6) will be discussed in the second phase of the workshop, beginning in March.

How do I charge my time?

Those of us who are supported by DOE-FES funding are permitted to charge this activity to their current FES-funded activity. If anyone wants to participate but has an issue funding their time, please contact DOE-FES (Matt Lanctot).

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for anybody working in a fusion-relevant field in the United States. We invite our colleagues at every career level (student through retiree), every specialty (science, engineering, technology), and from every segment of our community (university, lab, industry… including privately funded fusion endeavors).

Since this workshop is part of a planning process for US participation in the ITER Research Program, participation by our non-US colleagues is by invitation only.

I don't work in fusion, but I'd like to attend because I'm curious about ITER

This workshop probably isn't the best place for you to learn about ITER and the fusion program. Please see the material in the Resource Library or use the contact form if you'd like suggestions for where you might get more useful information.