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U.S. ITER Research Workshop Challenge Coin

Each participant of the workshop will receive a challenge coin. Challenge coins are historically given to enhance morale and unity, and they are often given for recognition of achievement or as rewards for outstanding performance of duty.

This challenge coin is given to commemorate your efforts in forming the 2022 Report of the U.S. ITER Research Program Research Needs Workshop. You have shared your perspectives and expertise to form a plan that will capture the critical knowledge that ITER was built to create. You are the foundation for this program, and your efforts will make a difference in science history. Many people will look at this plan for guidance. The public will be depending on us to follow through with our national fusion goals. The success of ITER will affect us all.

Some of you may remember from the 2019 APS-DPP community planning process that challenge coins are actually worth money. As tradition goes, the coin can be used to issue a "coin check". If someone happens to slap their coin down on the table and you are unable to show yours, you are required to buy a drink of choice for the person who challenged you. However, if everyone challenged is able to produce their coin, the challenger themself must buy a round of drinks for the group. Until we meet, maybe you can issue a virtual coin check with your fellow U.S. ITER research team members using some of the holographic or avatar technologies requested for remote participation in ITER.

As you display your coins in your office, or share them with your family, let it be a reminder that you are playing an important role in shaping the future. The coin is gold plated, reminding us of the important investment in ITER. Best of all, it glows in the dark. This is to remind you of your role in making ITER glow.

Thank you!

Workshop Commemorative Video

We put together a special video about this workshop! Thanks to all of you who submitted your selfies.

Workshop Zoom Backgrounds

We know - you are tired of virtual meetings. But at least while you are sitting actively participating in your virtual discussion groups, you could pretend you are in the ITER control room...or on a beach! Here are a few, but you should click here to see the full selection and download full resolution (only available to registered participants).