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White papers addressing questions 1 & 2 are due Feb. 11, 2022.

All other white papers are due March 25, 2022 (but earlier is better!)

We invite community input in the form of short white papers that respond to the Charge for this workshop. Papers will be used in discussion groups and contribute to the workshop report. Papers should aim to improve the community’s shared understanding, identify critical research, and help to stimulate discussion. Papers should not discuss narrowly focused research topics such as the authors’ current or planned research details, or contain material that should not be disclosed to the public.

By submitting a white paper, authors consent to have their paper published publicly. Selected submissions may be invited by the workshop chairs to present. Authors are not required to have a history of funding by the Fusion Energy Sciences program.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to keep the focus on white paper content, author names and institutions should NOT be included in the white paper text. We ask authors to refrain from including personal identifying information in their proposals and any uploaded files. Author names and institutions will be entered upon submission in the Google Form, but will not be visible to workshop participants until the conclusion of the workshop.

Download and review the template in your preferred file format: Google Doc, MS Word .docx

White papers should include:

  • Title

  • Topic: Please specify topic(s) related to the Discussion Group Questions or Charge, such as:

      • (Q1) How can US research most effectively contribute to the success of ITER?

      • (Q2) What essential ITER research products are needed to strengthen the domestic program to address strategic objectives aimed at the development of a fusion pilot plant?

      • (Q3) How should the US organize its activities on the ITER facility?

      • (Q4) How can we best position US researchers to capture leadership opportunities and influence within the international ITER research program?

      • (Q5) How should ITER research efforts be coordinated with other segments of the FES portfolio?

      • (Q6) How can the private sector be incorporated into the ITER research program such that a two-way exchange of scientific research and technological development between ITER and existing U.S. commercial fusion endeavors is enabled?

      • (Other) - please provide a short phrase capturing the topic

  • Content: provide details on things like goals, activities, timing, resources, references

  • Each white paper must be no more than two pages*, in single column format using 10pt or larger font, including figures and references. Authors are strongly encouraged to follow the template. Papers should be submitted in PDF format.

  • The paper text may NOT include author names or affiliations, but authors, along with contact information for a single author who can represent the paper at the workshop and must be provided upon submission. Author information will be revealed at the conclusion of the workshop.

  • There is no limit to the number of white papers that an individual or group can submit.

*To encourage collaborative input, we invite the community to submit a small number of extended white papers (up to 8 pages, especially with regard to Q3) written by multi-institutional groups. Please contact us if you plan to submit an extended paper.

To Submit

  1. Convert your paper to pdf and name as 'Title_Version.pdf'
    Naming with
    'Version' (v1, v2, etc.) allows the program committee to identify refinements and updates.

  2. Click the button below to upload your paper via a Google form. Because this form places a file on a Google Drive, you will need to log into a Google enabled account to submit.

  3. ATTENTION: Some organization-sponsored google accounts do not allow file uploads. If you see a message "Uploading files is not permitted when data loss prevention is enabled for your domain", then please instead click the following: SUBMIT A WHITE PAPER (LINK TO FILE). You will be able to paste a link to a location that we can download your paper.

If you have trouble viewing that form, try this one: SUBMIT A WHITE PAPER (LINK TO FILE)

IMPORTANT: The white papers are on a Google drive that will only be accessible to you using the Google account email address you provided when you registered.

You can create a free Google account with your existing email address at and select “use my current email address instead.” If you change your Google account email address you'll need to let us know using the contact form so we can update your membership in the Google group.

The classifications by topical area in the table below was done mostly by one person (the chair) and is not guaranteed to be 100% comprehensive.

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